Software updates

Some parts of GCstar could be updated without updating the whole software. This page describes how this should be done.


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The update should be launched with a user that have enough rights to modify files where GCstar have been installed. On a Unix system, the root user may perform that.

As the process will use some files that are stored on the Internet, a working connection is obviously required.

What is updated

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The update won’t change anything in the program itself. It will only impact some components. They are listed below:

  • Types of collection
  • Translations
  • Websites plugins
  • Import plugins
  • Export plugins

The websites plugins are used to search the information concerning an item. There are more information about the import and export plugins on the page about conversions.


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It could only be launched from command line. It is done by the gcstar main executable with the -u option (or --update).

gcstar -u

In windows there is a update.bat file in the /bin/ folder simply run and follow the steps below.

The user will be prompted for a proxy. If there are none (or if you have no idea about what that means), just press Enter.

The default behaviour is to find all the available updates. But it is possible to specify to look only for some of them. There are some options for that using in a short and a long form.

  • -c or --collection: Types of collection
  • -l or --lang: Translations
  • -w or --website: Websites plugins
  • -i or --import: Import plugins
  • -e or --export: Export plugins

Windows users

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When using Windows, after the installation, have a look to the Start menu. In the GCstar submenu, there is an entry to perform the update.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.