This page documents the GCfilms Schema

Data Definition

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Each GCfilms collection is a standard XML Document defined as

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!--Collection Element-->
    <!--Information Element-->
    <!--1 Or More Item Elements-->
  <!--End Collection Element-->

Collection Element

The collection type is declared as:

  <collection type="GCfilms" items="1" version="1.4.3">
    <!--Information Element--->
    <!--1 or More Item Elements-->

Collection Attributes

Key Type Description
type text The Collection Type. For a GCFilms collection this should be “GCfilms”
items number The Number of Items associated with this collection
version double/number The Version of GCStar that created this collection

Information Element

As the above comment implies between the <collection> tag there is an Information Element which is defined as such:

  <!--Information elements-->

Information Elements

Key Type Description
maxID number The ID Attribute of the last Item Element

Item Element

Finally the collection then consists of 1 or more Items as defined below:

  id=""  title=""  date=""
  time=""  director=""  country=""
  image=""  backpic=""  original=""
  webPage=""  seen=""  added=""
  region=""  format=""  number=""
  identifier=""  place=""  rating=""
  age=""  video=""  serie=""
  rank=""  trailer=""  borrower=""
  lendDate="" favourite=""
  <!--Item Elements-->

Item Attributes

Key Type Description
id number Unique ID for this item to this collection
title text Title of the film
date date/text Date of film release
time number Length in minutes of the film
director text Director of the Film
country text Country of films origin
image image/text FQP or Relative Path to film cover image
backpic image/text FQP or Relative Path to back cover image
original text Original movie title
webPage text Web Page Link (not editable from program? but if manually added appears to enable ‘Web page’ Button)
seen boolean/number Seen Check Box. 0 unchecked 1 checked
added date/text Add Date (dated added to collection). Free form/(DD/MM/YYYY) See NOTES.
region number Movie Region Code
format text Movie Format
number number Number of Disks
identifier number ??? Not sure of the purpose
place text location of item
rating number Integer in the range 0-10 representing number of stars. (See NOTES)
age number ??? Recommended ages
video text Video format
serie text ??? series information?
rank number ??? Movie Rank? (Possible IMDB tie in?)
trailer text FQP or Relative Path to the video file
borrower iteration/text Current Borrower Name (See NOTES)
lendDate date/text Lend Date (date lent to borrower) Free form, program defaults DD/MM/YYYY
favourite boolean/number Favourite Tag Check Box. 0 unchecked 1 checked


Doubles (EX a rating of 8.5) are treated as whole numbers rounded up. Negative values are treated as a zero rating. A rating of 10+ is treated as 10.
Add Date
Free form date format, however ‘Select’ will insert a date in DD/MM/YYYY format.
This Borrower is cross referenced to the borrowers attribute of GCstar.conf

Item Elements

Key Type Description
synopsis text Film Synopsis from the General Tab.
comments text Comments Field from the General Tab.
genre genre object Genre Listing on the General Tab.
actors actors object Actors Listing on the General Tab.
audio audio object Language Listing on the Details Tab.
subt subtitles object Subtitle Listing on the Details Tab.
borrowings borrowings object Lending History on the Lending Tab.
tags tags object Tags Listing from the Tags Tab.


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An Example Movie Collection with 1 Movie Item

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