GNU/Linux installation

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This page contains specific installations procedures for Gnu/Linux systems. Dependencies should be managed automatically.

Most of these packages are external contributions. So they may be out of synchronization with last offical one.

The packagers deserve a lot of thanks for their work.


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GCstar has been added to the community repository. So first activate it by editing /etc/pacman.conf to uncomment corresponding line. Then following command will launch the installation:

pacman -S gcstar

You can also install the Gitlab version with this package:


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GCstar has been included into Debian Sid (unstable) and Debian Squeeze (testing). So users only need to run (as root):

apt-get install gcstar


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Masked in ::jedahan

paludis --install gcstar


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GCstar has been included in Fedora since version 7. It is in Fedora Extras for versions 5 and 6. So to install it on Fedora, just enter this command:

yum install gcstar


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GCstar is available in Gentoo’s main portage tree as app-misc/gcstar. You can install it with the following command:

emerge -av gcstar


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GCstar 1.6.2 will be available in Mageia in the Core Updates urpmi media for Mageia, so that you can install it using the command:

urpmi gcstar
It’s currently being packaged for Mageia 1 as gcstar-1.6.2 as of 2011-07-15.

Mandriva Linux

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GCstar 1.1.1 is now available in the contrib urpmi media for Mandriva Linux 2008.0. If the contrib media is not defined on your system yet, just use Easy URPMI tool to get the required command. You can find GCstar in the Mandriva Control Center installation tool or use the command

urpmi gcstar

baud123 had created an RPM of GCstar 1.0.0 for Mandriva 2007. It could be installed - once you downloaded it - using this command:

rpm -ivh gcstar-1.0.0-1mdv2007.0.noarch.rpm


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On 7.04 Feisty Fawn and above, GCstar is included in the repository. But this version is not always up-to-date. A more recent version could be found on the official gcstar stable ppa :

You can install it by simply doing:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gcstar/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcstar

Below 7.04, this installs GCstar on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get -y install libgtk2-perl libxml-perl libxml-simple-perl 
sudo apt-get -y install libarchive-tar-perl libarchive-zip-perl libmp3-info-perl libmp3-tag-perl libogg-vorbis-header-pureperl-perl
sudo apt-get clean
tar zxf gcstar-1.7.1.tar.gz
rm gcstar-1.7.1.tar.gz
cd gcstar/
sudo ./install
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/share/gcstar/helpers/xdg-open

On 7.10 you might need these additional packages for a full featured version:

sudo apt-get -y install libgtk2-spell-perl libtime-piece-perl libdatetime-format-builder-perl

Generic RPM

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This RPM of the latest development version is a generic one that contains less features than the specific ones. It should be used with any RPM-based distributions.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.