GCstar 1.5.0

This is the release notes for GCstar 1.5.0 containing the main new features and bug fixes. You may also read the full CHANGELOG

Collection Grouping

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Image mode groupingYou can now group your collections while you’re viewing them in image mode.


Quick Filters

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Quick filtersWith GCstar 1.5.0 you can add any of your custom filters directly to the toolbar, for rapid filtering of your collections.


Improved Information Fetching

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Multisite importGrabbing information from the internet is now much more powerful thanks to changes made by Bubblegum. Now you can choose exactly which web service you’d like each field to be imported from! Like the IMDb movie descriptions but hate their poor cover art? No problem now... just set the cover art to be fetched from whichever site you prefer!


Importing from Folders

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Import optionsImporting from folders is now a lot more useful too, with a stack of new options like only importing new items, updating filenames which have moved, testing for subtitles, and much more.


Choosing Fetch Options

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Right click importIf you want to quickly pull in information from a website other than the default, you can now right click on the fetch button to select additional fetching options.


New collections

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New collection templates for stamp collecting, periodicals, and mini vehicles.

New Website Plugins

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New grabbers for Amazon video games, NextGame, Internet Bookshop, The Movie DB, Alpacine, CartelesMetropoliGloba, Kinopoisky, Saraiva, and Manga-Sanctuary.

Plus Much More...

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Stacks of other little improvements, like

  • Automatically resizing large pictures to fit in your display
  • You can associate a url (http or ftp) to an item, in place of a local file
  • Improved sorting for dates and numbers
  • Correctly storing configuration files on Windows system so that GCstar won’t require admin rights to run
  • GCstar now correctly installs its icon files to the hicolor theme, including a new scalable, svg icon
  • Plus the usual round of bug fixes and translation updates

Downloading and Installation

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GCstar 1.5.0 is available for download now! You can find a package for your operating system using the following links:


Use the GCstar stable release ppa to automatically get the latest gcstar releases and plugin updates.


GCstar 1.5.0 is available in all Fedora versions since Fedora 12.


An install file for all versions of Windows is available here.

Other Operating Systems

Instructions for other operating systems are available on the gcstar wiki.

Source Code

Of course, since GCstar is open source, you can download the GCstar 1.5.0 source code. Full instructions for installation from source are available on the gcstar wiki.

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