Frequently asked questions about GCstar and its usage.

Why some import/export modules are not in the corresponding menus?

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Import and export modules may use some Perl (language used to create GCstar) components that are not available on any systems. To avoid blocking users that won’t need these modules, GCstar can be installed without them, but the modules will be deactivated and won’t appear inside the Import and Export sub-menus of the File menu.

If you want to know which are the missing Perl components, use the Dependencies item in the Help menu.

A window will then be displayed showing all the needed components. If they are missing, right part of the list will contain all the modules that use them. So the modulees that are shown here, are the ones that are deactivated.

Refer to you operating system documentation to know how to install these Perl components. Then GCstar has only to be quitted and launched again. The module will be available after this operation.

Why fetching information from website XXX doesn't work?

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Websites may change. Then GCstar is not able to fetch information from them as it is based on their structure. Before opening a bug report, please check there is no available plugin update.

How to add new websites for fetching information?

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These websites are added through some plugins. They are written using Perl language.

If you are not a developer (and don’t want to become one), you may request this plugin by opening a new thread in the forum for features requests. This thread will be used for discussions with developers that want to create this plugin. If the website is not in english, it would be nice to also add one or more screenshots with some explanations about all the available information that GCstar should extract from here.

A moderator will also reference your request in the first post of the topic for wished websites plugins. So before requesting a new plugin, please check that it is not already mentioned here.

If you are a developer and want to create this plugin, you will find information in this page: Plugins to fetch information from websites.

I have some problems. How can I get more information?

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It depends on your operating system. If you are using a Unix-based system (GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOSX,...), just launch GCstar from a console by entering:

You may have to specify a path before, depending on your installation.

Then, try to reproduce your problem, and you will see some error messages that you can then paste in a bug report on the forums.

For Windows systems, you have some log files where GCstar writes information about the last run. So just launch it as usually, and get the information from that file for your bug report. The file is %APPDATA%\gcstar.log. %APPDATA% should be something such as C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data. But it may change depending on your installation. To check its value, enter that in a command prompt:

echo %APPDATA%

How may I share a collection between networked machines?

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This may also be used to share a collection between many operating systems on the same machine.

First the list has to be saved in a directory accessible to both machines. This could be an NFS mount or a Samba share. To do so, select Save As item in File menu and save the collection in the selected directory.

Then pictures need also to be stored in this directory. Go into Preferences, Paths tab and fill in Images directory field. Select a directory which is a sub-directory of the previous one. If it doesn’t exist, GCstar will create it for you.

In the same tab, check in also the option named Use relative paths for images.

How may I use my collection on another machine?

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You first need to export your collection in a compressed format that will contain the items list and also the images. This could be done using the .tar.gz item in the File menu, Export sub-menu.

In opened window, select the place to save your file (e.g. on a USB key). If the file name doesn’t end up with .tar.gz, it will be added automatically by GCstar. You may then validate.

The file could then be brought on the destination machine. On this one, in GCstar select the .tar.gz item in the File menu, Import sub-menu.

A window is shown where you can select the file to be imported (the .tar.gz one you copied earlier). The collection will be displayed in GCstar. You have then to save it somewhere on the new machine using Save As item in File menu.

How could I print my collection?

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There is not yet direct printing support in GCstar. There is a pending task about printing, so it could be available in a future release if someone implements it.

However, in the meantime, you may export your collection to HTML. And then use the printing feature of your web browser.

Where does GCstar store its configuration?

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GCstar uses XDG Base Directory Specification for the location of its configuration files. Then it will store your configuration in the subdirectory gcstar of the directory contained in the environment variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME. If this variable is not defined, it will used the hidden directory .config in your home directory.

So for most users, you will find the GCstar’s configuration in ~/.config/gcstar

For Windows users, the parent directory is the one contained in %APPDATA% . There you find a gcstar subdirectory with config in it. %APPDATA% should be something such as C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\.

What should I do if the Windows version doesn't work after the installation?

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If you installed ActiveState Perl through the installation program, you may have some problems. The registry is sometimes not updated between this installation and the time when GCstar’s installation program install some needed plugins.

A workaround is to restart the PC after this installation without uninstalling ActiveState Perl. Then, launch again the GCstar’s installation. Everything should work right after.

You will find more information about this on the page about Windows installation.

Why does nobody answer my question? Why are the features I requested not yet implemented?

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GCstar is free software. It is developed only by volunteers during their spare time. So they may have other stuff to do or they may not want to work on this project for a while.

But as GCstar is published under the terms of the GNU GPL, everyone can modify GCstar or add new features.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.