Displayed items

This documentation section explains the different items displayed by GCstar.

Main window

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Here is GCstar main window (of course, there won’t be so much information the first time it is launched).

Main GCstar window

On the left side, there is the collection content. Clicking on an item will display its information on the right side. Double-clicking on it will open a window also containing its information.

Item details

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The right side of the window may differ depending on the current collection. It also depends on some user settings. The previous example was for the tab display of a movie collection.

In any case, this will contain all the information attached to a collection item.


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On top of the window, there is a toolbar. It can be used for quicker access to current features.


From left to right, the buttons are used for:

  • Add a new movie
  • Save current collection
  • Change preferences
  • Find movies
  • Display all movies
  • Show a random movie
  • Launch associated file
  • Change field used to group items

Other sections in this documentation contain more information about these actions.

The Play button is only present for some collections. For movies, it will play the associated video if any; for video games, it will launch the executable,...

Displayed Information

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It is possible to configure which fields are displayed on the right side of the window. This is achieved using Displayed Information in Settings menu. It opens this window:

Displayed information selection

All fields that could be displayed are grouped by tabs. If the associated check box is checked, the corresponding field will be shown. It will be hidden if it is not checked.

This only changes what information is displayed. Information that is not displayed is still stored in the collection.

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.