Borrowings management

This section deals with all stuff related to borrowings management.

Borrowers configuration

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In Configuration menu, there is a Borrowers items. When activated, such a window is displayed:

Borrowing configuration

On top, there is the potential borrowers. Someone needs to be in this list to be used as a borrower later. Add button is used to add a new borrower. Remove button do the opposite operation. E-mail address of someone can be changed by clicked on it on the list. Name can’t be changed.

Then, in this window, there is the e-mail template. It will be sent on request to a borrower. Some special strings can be used in this text. They will be replaced with some values. %1 will be replaced with borrower name. %2 is for the item name. And %3 can be used if you want the borrowing date to be inserted.

Changing information

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The way to change lending information may vary for different collections. This example is for movies collection but may also apply to other ones.

Changes are made in the Lending tab of movies information.

Borrowing tab

There is a list containing previously defined borrowers. And Select a date button opens a calendar to specify when it has been lended.

There is also a Send an e-mail button that will send an e-mail to the current borrower. For this, it uses template defined in Borrowers configuration and also values specified in Internet tab of Preferences.

A window shows then all the information for confirmation before sending.

When an item is given back, Item returned button have to be used. Return date can be selected (default one is current date). Then a new history line is added.

Show borrowed items

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File menu has a Displayed borrowed items item. It displays a window containing items that are lended.

Clicking on any column header, uses it as sorting criteria.

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