Download and installation

Before continuing, you may want to read the list of dependencies

Download GCstar sources

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You can download gcstar through these links:

1.7.3 version on GTK3 , 1.7.2 version on GTK2 or latest development version (Gtk3)

Change to directory where this file has been saved and enter:

tar zxf GCstar-VERSION.tar.gz

A gcstar directory will be created. It contains the installation script, install. Change to this directory. You now have to choose between three kind of installations detailed in next chapters.

But before, let’s see what is common to all these installations. They all check for the dependencies and stop the installation procedure if one is missing. You can then choose base directory for installation. You will have then this tree:

  • Base directory
    • /bin
      • Main GCstar executable
    • /lib
      • /gcstar
        • GCstar libraries
    • /share
      • /gcstar
        • Internal data used by GCstar

The executable in bin directory can be launched. If your PATH variable contains this directory, just type in:


Graphic mode installation

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To proceed with a graphical installation, just launch install without any parameter.


You will see then a window. In this window there will be information about the dependencies.

Graphical installation

If some mandatory dependencies are missing, the installation won’t be possible. But there are some optional dependencies that will only disable some features when not filled. They will be listed with the name of the modules that require them.

Using Forward gives access to base directory selection, and then to some settings.

Text mode installation

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If parameter -- text is given to install executable, a text mode installation will be used.

./install --text

The base directory has then to be specified.

Automatic installation

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GCstar can be installed in an automatic way. The base directory must be passed to install program using --prefix command line option. As an example:

./install --prefix=/usr/local

Specific installations

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There are convenient ways to install GCstar on some systems. There are described in other pages listed under. Most of the packages are external contributions. So they may be out of synchronization with last offical one (the .tar.gz one).

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Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.